Thursday, June 12, 2014

Running a SSIS Package Build 11.0.3000.0

You must use SSMS 2012 or better Version. SSMS for 2008 R2 will not work.
Expand Integration Services Catalogs-> SSISDB-> Folder-> Projects-> Project Name-> Packages-> select the package to run.

Right click the Package and choose Execute… 
On the Parameters tab of Execute Package page check the Environment checkbox.

Process Offset options are:
        – Run for the current day (Start and End dates are ignored
       n – Where n is the number of days of the offset. The formula is (Current date-n). Only a single day is    processed (Start and End dates are ignored)
       -1 – Use the Start and End date range.
        1 - Executes the package for Yesterdays date.

      Choose one which applicable to your execution and click OK to execute.

You may view the package execution status by answering Yes to the prompt shown below.


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